Youth Tennis Lessons

Youth Tennis Programs (4 - 16 yrs.)



 Family Tennis Programs


Top Spin Pair (6-9 years old)
This beginner’s specialized program is designed for family members that would like to share the experience of learning tennis together. A wonderful learning adventure for both parent and child, to learning basic footwork, line names, gripping the racquet, shadow swings, to drop and hit, all while providing parents with the right tools to further grow their love of tennis together outside their class time. Fee includes a child & family member to participate as a family duo. Student-Instructor ratio is 4 pairs:1.

Top Spin MASTERS (6-9 years old)
For graduates of Top-Spin Pair, fee includes a child & family member to participate as a family duo.

This specialized program is designed to stimulate, challenge and appeal to children 4 to 6 years old.  A team of highly trained and motivated “team leaders” will help provide a wonderful environment of intellectual and physical intrigue.  Students and parents alike will be impressed by the dynamic range of learning aides and carefully designed development plans used throughout this program. 

LITTLE RALLYER (5-6 years old)
The Lifetime Tennis Elite Future Stars program is for promising young players that demonstrate the skills necessary to become future tournament players. This program is designed to give our future stars rigorous training in technique, footwork, and rallying skills. Registration with instructor approval only.


This 3 tiered introduction program is designed to develop early tennis skills that include stage 1,2 & 3 balls, ground strokes (stationary & moving), serving (1/2 & full motion), volleys, overheads, and basic vocabulary.  Students are grouped by age and ability levels the 1st day of class.  Class goal:  to maintain “full court” rallies and serve 1 of 3 balls into correct service box while using proper technique.  Graduates are encouraged to join the Bronze, Silver & Gold program.

For students who graduated from the Green, Blue, & Red level program or can fulfill the program requirements.  Students will learn topspin, under spin, sidespin; add & reduce the power to shots, and develop specialty shots. Program drills enhance quickness, balance and racquet control for improved consistency and accuracy.  Class goal:  Develop foundation to become a well-rounded tennis player, successfully play singles & doubles matches, and to play in local tennis leagues, school teams or tournaments.

 Rain Procedure

On rainy days, staff may close the courts until they are playable.  Call (408) 247-0178(408) 247-0178 to see if courts are dry. Credit will be issued for paid, unused time if it rains during play. Make ups will be scheduled for lesson and league rainouts. 


Tennis Program Notes

1. Pre-registration is required for all tennis programs.

2. No registrations for classes accepted by phone.

3. Leagues and lessons may be combined or cancelled based on registrations. Participants may be reassigned according to age, ability, and class size.

4. Course withdrawals must be requested at least 7 days prior to the start of class; subject to supervisor's approval if less than 7 days before start of class.  Refunds may be used toward future registrations or may be refunded by calling the Santa Clara Tennis Center (restrictions and fees may apply) No refunds will be issued for requests received less than 5 working days prior to the start of the class or program.

5. Full refunds will be granted for classes or programs cancelled by Lifetime Tennis.

6. No refunds or credits given for non attendance.

7. Make ups for rain outs will be posted on line and/or in guide. Refunds not granted for non attendance.