Mike Scadden
General Manager
Sunnyvale Tennis Center

With over 30 years of experience as a player, teacher and promoter of the game of tennis, Michael has served as director of tennis and general manager at private and municipal tennis centers including the cities of Cupertino, Santa Clara and San Jose. Creating innovative programs for all ages and abilities has been the focus and philosophy of Michael’s teaching and management that has resulted in greater participation in the communities he and Lifetime Tennis have served. Leveraging extensive skills, experience, and knowledge of the game Michael will be leading the daily, operational and promotional activities at the Sunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center. The City of Sunnyvale is a vibrant and thriving community that has a history of excellence and passion for learning, playing and participating in the game of tennis.  Michael is not only looking forward to contributing to that legacy, but also establishing a higher standard for the community’s tennis experience. Michael currently resides in San Jose with his wife and three children.

Dana Gill

Founder & Executive Director
Lifetime Tennis, Inc. 

Dana co-founded Lifetime Tennis, Inc. in 1993.  He oversees the management of several municipal tennis facilities in Northern California and Texas, and leads a team of over 100 tennis professionals. The organization specializes in creating shared playing opportunities for people of all ages, abilities and interest levels.  His personal mission is "to help people enjoy life through the game of tennis and other activities."  In the late 1980's, he played Division I tennis for San Diego State and, more recently, has won national doubles titles in USTA and USPTA tournaments.  "I love the results of successful teamwork!"  Dana especially enjoys family time with his wife and two daughters.